Three instances of non-metastisized tumors in the

Three instances of non-metastisized tumors in the bladder between April 1997 and May, 2000.

During the winter of 1996 I urinated blood a couple of times while away from home for the winter. I returned home and went to my local urologist who found several superficial cancerous tumors in the bladder. They were removed in May of 97 and I went back for cysto checks every three months. After several “clean” checkups I went for check ups every six months. Then in October of 1998, the urologist found and removed several more Grade II non-invasive tumors. I returned for three-month check-ups and again in March, 2000 the doctor said the tumors were back. The surgery was schedule and at this time he recommended BCG treatments as a preventative measure against reoccurring cancer.

We asked several questions about the BCG treatments and the doctor’s response was to not worry about it. Since my wife and I want information before we make medical decisions, we sought out a second opinion. When we met the second-opinion doctor, he spent over an hour with us answering each and every quesiton. We decided then and there to change doctors even though it meant driving for two extra hours.

We cancelled the surgery with the first doctor and our “new” doctor performed the procedure, finding 8-9 non-invasive tumors. He said that I should heal for six weeks then start the BCG treatments. During these six weeks, my wife and I read extensively about BCG and I decided that I did not want to take the treatments, but that I would continue my vitamin routine: plenty of vitamin E and C and selenium. In addition to these vitamins and others I decided to start once-a-month acupuncture to stimulate my immune system. I have just had my second check-up and I am still clean and I feel great. I am in very good health for my age. I exercise, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and very little red meat. I stongly believe in the vitamins and acupuncture for stimulating the immune system. I just wanted to share my experience with others and I welcome e-mails.

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