transitional cell carcinoma  grade I-II &nbsp

transitional cell carcinoma  grade I-II  stage Ta

unpdate 5/21/05

After the last IVP, I was fine until the next check up.  I had not one, but 10 tumors.  I had another TURBT.  All were Ta I/II. I decided to go to M D Anderson for another opinion.  I had biopsies done there.  Another small tumor had already begun to develop.  MDA removed this and did some biopsies, revealing the same Ta I/II tumor and a small focused area of CIS.  My bladder was perforated during the biopsies so the healing of this delayed my BCG for about a month.  

I have had the inital 6 BCG treatments and 2 main. treatments.  I have been all clear since.  I will have another round of BCG in July and then another P & P after that.  I have had a good response to BCG, but plan to continue the schedule according to the Lamm protocol.

update 1/30/06

I will finish my 4th round of three main. treatment this week.  I had a cysto in Sept. 05 and Dec. 05 and both were clear.  I will have another cysto in March.  I also plan to have an IVP this Spring.

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