Transitional Cell Carcinoma in-Situ and High Grade

Transitional Cell Carcinoma in-Situ and High Grade Papillary Urothelial Carcinoma

Diagnosed 11/15/02. Not at high risk based on risk factors. Only possibility second hand smoke from parents. (Occassional cigar but one has to have at least one vice.)

Transurethal resection on 11/19/02. Urologist was "very aggressive" in resecting. Pathology encouraging. Second pathological opinion from Johns Hopkins confirming original pathology. So far,one treatment of Mitomycin and five treatments of BCG. One more to go. Then the wait…..6 weeks and another cystoscopy to see if recurrence. Waiting is the worst part (not the cath each week).

In the interim, keeping active, positive and hopeful. Fantastic support from family and friends.


Another transurethal resection to update the status after BCG treatments. Urologist did deep muscle biopsies. All pathology was negative. Joy and celebration around this part of the world. BCG does work and work well. A few changes in life style that may be worth noting:
1. No carbonated drinks (acidity)
2. Heavy regiment of calcium to improve body PH. At diagnosis PH was 5.0 now 6.9. It is belived that cancer thrives in an acid environment. Changing to higher alkaline environment.
3. Focus on very positive aspects of life and eliminate negatives (life's really too short for anything else).
4. Pray earnestly and regularly. I believe that there is power in prayer. Evidenced by the support and prayers for me.
5. Have faith in your physician and never, never give up.

I know that this cancer has a recurrance rate of 80% but I believe that even if it returns, I can beat those odds.

Thanks for all of the great emails of support and information. The key to this cancer is information: early and thorough. And most importantly……. support of family and friends.

Very best wishes to all.


Congrats to all who have also emailed with good news. My three month cysto all clear. So good that doctor did not see the need for biopsy. Could not be more wonderful news. Continuing regiment of several recommended supplements. Antioxidant called Oncovite (Mission Pharmacal), coral calcium, regular multi-vitamin. During exam doctor found nodule on prostate. Relatively certain that it is granuloma prostatitus (sp)common in patients that take BCG. Will undergo prostate biopsy this week but not overly concerned.Studies seem to indicate that Lycopene helps ptotect from and reduce prostate tumors. Started 30mg per day mixed with Vitamin A, Selenium, and Vitamin E. My doctor (leading urologist) takes them so, I figure it can't hurt. Best wishes to all.

January 27, 2004

Thought I would update the continuing saga.
In early January had my 3 month cysto and my doc found a spot that had not healed from the last biopsies. I had the opportunity to see it on the monitor and it looked somewhat like an ulcer. Dr. Goldberg is a very conservative physician and recommended that we do another TUR accompanied by several biopsies. Once again the emotional roller coaster ride for a couple of weeks while we did CTSCAN, blood work, etc. Scan showed thickening of bladder wall in the area of the "ulcer" and very close to the site of the original TUR. Went in Monday AM and discharged that afternoon. He called this morning with great news……all biopsies were negative. God has smiled on me once again. I am thankful.

My Doc has recommended that we continue with the protocol of BCG as a preventative measure (oh joy!). But, if that's all it takes to keep this under control………piece of cake.

I know that I can lick this disease with continued positive thoughts and the support of all of the family and friends that are so thoughtful and caring. I pray for God's blessing on all who are stricken with this disease. With His help we will all be survivors of this disease.

West Palm Beach, FL


Just a note to catch up all of those friends I've made on this board.

Cysto last week that was negative along with blood and urine sampling that were negative as well. Happy folks around my house.

Continuing with the protcol and started 3 treatments of BCG. Last prior checkup was 6 months and next one will be 6 months also. If everything is clean (and it will be), the following checkup will be one (1) year. Wow!!

November will be three years cancer free! God willing I will see three more after this. Many thanks to all of you who have written expressing support and to all with whom I have had the pleasure to correspond. May your results be even better than mine.

This cancer is beatable. My formula is contained in my 02/02/03 notes. I'm even more confident now than ever that this works. I'm not signing off…just taking a sabatical. But, I'll be here if anyone needs to talk. God bless you all.



Five years ago I wasn't sure where to turn. This website allowed me to feel like I was not alone. The number of friends and acquaintances that have come my way beacuase of this board is amazing. I have been blessed beyond my comprehension or worthiness. My exam last week revealed no cancer as my 5 year anniversary approaches.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have talked with so many of you as we traveled this road together. I am also thankful that I have such a professional and caring physican who has worked so deligently to monitor and treat my condition. But more importantly, I am thankful for my family and friends that have provided so much support over the past 5 years and continue to do so even today.

This war is never over but I continue to adhere to my 5 points  (listed in my 2/02/03 message)to win the daily battle over cancer. Over the coming years I hope to see more and more messages such as mine apprear on this message board. God bless each and every one.


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