Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Renal PelvisThr

Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Renal Pelvis
Three small tumors in kidney. Tumor removed
from bladder.

I was not a good candidate for laparoscopic removal of my kidney and opted for percutaneous
resection of the kidney April 2002. Three small
tumors were removed endoscopically through a small
incision in my back. I received a six-week injection of BCG several weeks after the surgery.
I had a biopsy in September and scattered atypical
cells were in my kidney that indicated possible
reoccurence of TCC. A new development was a
papillary TCC, Grade III/III tumor in my bladder,
no lamina propria or muscularis propria was present to evaluate for definitive invasion. I
am going back for a biopsy November 15th. If the
tumors have reappeared my oncologist is going to
start injections of metomyacin. I have read about
possible “seeding” when tumors have been removed.
I am hoping that my oncologist didn’t start the
metomyacin right away in the event the tumors would not appear again. TCC of the kidney is not
as common as renal cell carcinoma. I am afraid
I am looking at open surgery for removal of my
kidney if the biopsy shows reoccurence of tumors
in my kidney. I am wondering if anyone has had
this same diagnosis and treatment. Any information will be appreciated.

My last biopsy showed small tumors in my kidney,ureter and now Grade III tumor in bladder.
The doctor suggested the possibility of removing my kidney laparoscopically, going through the back since I am not a candidate for abdominal
laparoscopic removal. I am wondering if anyone reading this might know of someone having this procedure through their back.


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