Transitional Cell Carcinoma, stage III/III, into t

Transitional Cell Carcinoma, stage III/III, into the muscle

I am 49, a smoker (until now that is), a consumer of mass quantities of Diet Coke (that’s changed now) and don’t eat veggies (trying to change). Been around my share of chemicals used in cleaning car and jet engines.

I too started out with blood in my urine, very plainly seen with the naked eye. Stopped after two trips to the bathroom and didn’t come back for another 3 weeks or so. Then would show one or two times, then stop. Finally went to my internal specialist, who hinted that since I had blood in my urine and no pain, I needed to see a Urologist, the sooner the better. He hinted it was likely some form of a tumor.

Had X-rays and ultrasound, both indicating a tumor was present in the bladder. ‘Scope proved it true. Tumor was subsequently removed and biopsies taken via day surgery. All samples proved to be malignant. Advised the cancer is into the bladder muscle and the only real option is to remove the bladder. Subsequent CT scan indicated no further tumors, enlarged lymph nodes or other organs. Doctor feels it is contained to the bladder and removal will get rid of the cancer.

This doctor has referred me yet another urologist for discussion concerning the possible use of an internal resevoir. My first doctor does the ileal conduit several times a week, but has not performed but a few of the other types. Doctor two was involved in the team at Duke University performing neobladders.

I see doctor two on the 13th, so trying to get all the information I can before hand. Was leaning toward one the continet resevoirs with the stoma, but doctor one says the valve historically gives problems and is difficult to maintain. I have not seen any referneces to this elsewhere, so would appreciate further insight on this area.

Will update post 8/13.

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