Tumor in bladder seen on IVP films

Tumor in bladder seen on IVP films

Found hematuria in urine in October.
Went to urologist in December and tumor showed on IVP film.
Cysto to remove tumor 1/2/2001
Following cysto could’t urinate
Had catheter in when I got second opinion from MSK
Dr. Herr did another cysto on 1/25/2001 and remove remains of tumor.
Dr Herr advised me that the biopsy showed no carcinoma on 2/5/2001. Advised me to return for check up in May.
I felt that something was wrong in the middel of Arril so I called the doctor and he saw something when he did a cysto in his office.
Docror decided to do another cysto and removed regenerated tumor.

Pathology report was positive for an invasive high
grade urothelial carcinoma with focal spindle features. Muscularis proprta is present without tumor involvment.

Meet with the Doctor on 4/30/2001 and he recommended radical cystectomy with two options. Option 1 a bag and 2 a neo bladder connected to my urethra.

Now I’m trying to decide on which option to take. I’m leaning toward a neo bladder, but not certain yet, I’m still investigating. Schedule for the operation is May 30,2001

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