I have the attitude that "if I can't change the current situation, I'm going to find a way to enjoy the journey." My wife's motto is, "If your NOT living on the edge, then you are taking up too much room." Combined, we tend to have a lot of fun with life.

Of course I often go out of my way to think about what people LEAST expect, and make just that thing happen. So the day before my surgery, I took a trip to the hardware store, and purchased a sign, along with some sticky letters (I wanted the message to be perfect). At pre-Op, after everyone had finished checking me out and left the room, I extracted my sign and slipped it under my gown over my groin.

I don't remember anything after the anesthesia took effect, but I heard that the sign was a BIG HIT! Apparently, the doctor walked in, got prepared, then had one of the nurses lift my gown to get things started. He was greeted with the following notice:



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