ureterosigmoidostomy (USM)

hi again,
my dr’s are actually really good. especially my nephrologist. my urologists seem to be of the opinion that until i get cancer or my kidneys pack up, they’ll stick with the usm. my kidney doc has recently said i’ll prob need a transplant at some point in the next 20 yrs – long time off, but i’d still only be in my 40’s by then. if that happened, i don’t think they’d give me another usm cos the exact same thing cld happen again to the new kidney.
ur so lucky to have so few complications with ur usm. how long have u had it for? was it offered to u alongside the other more common procedures? i totally understand how u feel abt it – i have to say my quality of life is amazing, i wld hate to have to self catheterise, or have bags or something.   because i was only 6 mnths old when i had it done, i suppose they just thought it would be the better option.
Anyway, i do find it quite hard to think about all these things that might happen in the future. but it’s easier said than done to put all these ‘what ifs’ out of ur mind sometimes.

alipolle Author