ureterosigmoidostomy (USM)

i don’t think they can do anything about the reflux… i’m guessin they’re doin all they can at the moment. as i said, their main concern is my overall kidney function, which at present is, although not 100%, quite good. Do u get renal colic at all? i had 2 huuuge stones when i was 12, surgically removed but now I seem to get pain every 3 or 4 mnths (which i’m self-diagnosing as renal colic, admittedly) but don’t mention it to the dr’s as i’m not sure they’d be able to do anything anyway. Plus, it’s just pain, it doesn’t usually involve temperature or nausea or anything. Still, it’s bl*&^y sore! i have it right now and am in so much discomfort; paracetomol, codeine, aspirin, ibuprofen, buscopan, voltorol… nothing eases it but i feel a bit of a nuisance trekking back and forth to the drs all the time – the gp won’t touch me with a barge pole and the hospital always seem so busy. I know it might sound ridiculous but I don’t want to hassle them. i have some tramadol in stock at home but i hate taking such strong stuff. makes me really woozy. plus, it means i can’t drive to work.
i’m just never sure how much to tolerate, d’you know what i mean? :-/

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