ureterosigmoidostomy (USM)

Hi Roy
I hadn’t checked back here in a while either actually – been in hospital for 2 wks, been out 2 wks now and much better – all those aches and pains I mentioned before got too much and I was in agony. thank God for morphine!!! Anyway, the docs have now said that they think all these pains are due to adhesions. my mum has since told me i had them before when i was 2 1/2 and they were surgically removed… anyway, am on tramadol pretty much constantly now. good thing was i got a full mot. i had a virtual colonoscopy – they’re the new ct version of a colonoscopy, far less invasive!
anyway, am back at work, absolutely shattered tho.
Good to hear from you Roy. I found some fellow ‘US’ers on the blc email list. All women but their experiences have been really interesting to read. They are all in the US. One the same age as me, one in her 40’s, one in her 50’s and one in her 60’s.
I will post again soon, take care xx

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