Urethra placement


November 1, 1994 I became cancer free with the cut and cure method. And today I have a neobladder I have to cath. So many stories could be told by me as to how I survived the trying times, however I’m here with a problem that has come up in the last three or four years having to do with cathing. My fear of reoccurring cancer has abated.

My surgeon placed my urethra behind my pubic bone, and now it seems he would like to bring it forward. I’m presently having a difficult time weaving the cath. to get behind the bone about once a month. And, up until three or four years ago I had no such problems.

Now a cysto. takes quite awhile because even my surgeon has a difficulty getting his scope inside. It is frustrating for him, as well as myself, however, I’m not ready for another surgery and even wonder if it would leave me incontinent, whereas now I’m very continent.

If anyone has experienced any problem such as mine I would like to hear from you. Thank you.


Windy Author