BCG Treatment

I have as of today reached the 1 year anniversary since my diagnosis. Stage 1, non muscle bladder cancer. I am 45 years old.

I underwent two resection/biopsies with mitromyicin and a 6 week induction with BCG. So far, a year later I am clean.

 I am wondering about others experience with the BCG treatment. I handled it well, with the first three treatments being a breeze and the last three being painful but tolerable. I did experience some mild flu like symptoms with my energy levels being low as my biggest complaint.  Now, 6 months after my last treatment I find I am experiencing flu like symptoms again with a significant downturn in my energy levels.

I am starting to believe that perhaps the BCG set my immune system into a spiral which didn't show up for 6 months.

Any of this sound familiar to anyone?


It looks as though this site does not receive much traffic. If anyone knows anything or can point me in a different direction that would be great.


Thank you~

Melodie Author