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Bladder Cancer Webcafe is a labor of love, created to honor my sister Maureen Worth and dedicated to the memory of my sister Janey Sheridan and my mentors in the world of online cancer support, Menya Wolfe and Steve Dunn. Special thanks to Kathy Leslie for being there every step of the way.

The goal of WebCafe is to present information on current treatment options for bladder cancer in an unbiased way, and to help direct users to further information via the Web on the subjects that concern them. We are not affiliated with any organization, and all external links given throughout the site are for reference purposes only. Please note that references to specific providers or other resources do not reflect an endorsement of the services rendered either by WebCafe or by any of the authors of documents on this website.

I am not a medical professional. For more info about me, click here. The contents of this site have been culled from online articles and resources on the subject of bladder cancer (see references), many dark hours lost in cyberspace via Medline, and countless communications with bladder cancer warriors trying to address our concerns. I have taken every pain to be as accurate and current as possible, but treatments vary widely and change often. For this reason, pages are added and removed periodically.

Since this website went online in June, 1999, I have been the sole editor and financer. WebCafe has not received funding from any commercial source or accepted advertising till this point in time. Private donations are accepted, see below.

In January of 2005 a board of advisors comprised of some of the world’s top experts in the field of uro-oncology joined the cause of keeping WebCafe’s information current and forward-looking. Thank you!

If you wish to help support the ongoing effort involved in maintaining this website, we would be very grateful. An enormous amount of time and effort goes into WebCafe every year. Contributions are used to help defray costs of site hosting and travel to conferences.

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