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These pages have been created in order to publicly share some questions and answers from our email discussion group on topics important to us. The contributors offer their first hand experiences in the spirit of education and empowerment. Many thanks to all who have offered their hard earned wisdom.


Muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Our chemo experience
Help! We’re Facing a Radical cystecomy

Chronic UTI’s (urinary tract infections) after bladder removal
Neobladder questions (M)-Regaining continence, fluid intake
Pouch irrigation questions
Serious leakage/tips
Lifestyle questions
Sex after cystectomy (male) see also: Impotence
Sex after cystectomy (female)

Thoughts on being a hairless wonder

Non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer

What can I expect from BCG?
4th BCG Instillation
Discomfort after 7 weeks/TUR
Pain and Incontinence After BCG

No Reactions After BCG


Thoughts on being a hairless wonder
Women and Blood in the Urine (F)

Women, Bladder Cancer and the Change

Delays in Diagnosis – an informal survey