Endorsements and Awards for WebCafé

AM Kamat, MD:

The Bladder Cancer WebCafé , meticulously managed by Wendy Sheridan, is a ‘one-stop’ site for patients and caregivers who have questions about living with bladder cancer. It is logically organized, easy to navigate, and, most importantly, is ‘fact-checked’ with the assistance of physicians and experts in the field. It is not a surprise then, that the National Cancer Institute referenced Bladder Cancer WebCafé in their ‘Facing Forward‘ Series.

Ashish M Kamat, MD
Director, Urologic Oncology Fellowship Program
Assistant Professor and Attending Surgeon
Departments of Urology and Cancer Biology
University of Texas – MD Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd, Unit 446, Houston, TX 77030
Tel: 713-792-3250; Fax: 713-794-4824
Administrative Assistant: Raquel Villareal: 713-563-7474
MD Anderson Cancer Center ranks as the USA’s #1 cancer center.

Donald Lamm, MD:

As you know, bladder cancer is a common malignancy that affects millions around the world. It also takes a major toll, not only in live lost, but also in the morbidity of major surgery, body image change, and impaired sexual function. Despite the importance of bladder cancer, it is relatively unknown. Major political and entertainment figures have become advocates for causes such as breast and prostate cancer, but none have come forward for bladder cancer. Support groups, foundations supporting research and education, and advocacy for bladder cancer is lagging far behind. One exception is Bladder Cancer WebCafé. For many years now this website has been a source of support and education for bladder cancer patients. Advances are made available and translated from medical to lay terminology for the general public. It even serves as a resource for physicians because the information is timely and up to date.

Don Lamm, MD
BCG Oncology 16620 N 40th St. Suite E Phoenix, AZ 85032

Michael O’Donnell, MD:

The Bladder Cancer Web Café is simply the best single site on the World Wide Web for patients with bladder cancer to find information about their disease and treatments. It is packed with useful and up-to-date information presented in an objective and non-biased manner. It also provides an interactive (or passive) forum from which to learn how other patients with similar problems are coping with their disease. Multiple web links abound to all major private and public sites providing complementary bladder cancer information such as the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute. I personally recommend this website to all my patients with bladder cancer.

Michael A. O’Donnell, MD, FACS
Associate Professor and Director of Urologic Oncology
University of Iowa College of Medicine.


The European School of Oncology has awarded Bladder Cancer WebCafé FIRST PRIZE in the Cancer On The Internet 2007 award.

WebCafé has been recognized by the US National Cancer Institute and listed in their ‘Facing Forward’ Survivor Series; Ways You Can Make A Difference.

WebCafé receives great reviews as site of the month, Sept., 2003

WebCafe in print –
Two important sections from this site – Metastatic Bladder Cancer and End of Life Issues , Original material used in Cancer Sourcebook

WebCafe Best Medical Site Authored by a Patient / Non-Physician Nominated by MDNet Guide for ‘Nettie Award for Excellence in the Medical Internet’, by the editorial staff and physician editorial board. March 2003 and again in June, 2004