My father was diagnosed with bladder cancer 5 years ago he is 82 years old presently. It was non muscle invasive bladder cancer so he had BCG treatments. The next check up showed tumors growing again in his bladder and he had his second tur with tumor removal. They them tried the BCG again and his check up after that revealed more tumor growth with spreading to the prostate. He has his 3rd tur with tumor removal. At this time they said his only option was to have his bladder out he refused and wanted to try something else so he opted for radiation. The next check up showed tumor growth so he had another tur with tumor removal. We then saw a specialists who said his only chance was bladder removal and that he would be dead in a year.  my father refused again and took another round of advanced radiation frankencense oil iodine and  heat treatments. i am shocked to report that after one more tur with tumor removal for low grade non muscle invasive cancer his last check up revealed he has no cancer growing in his bladder at this time. he also quit eating processed meats. Not sure but i read somewhere on BBC news that frankencense was a wise mans cure for bladder cancer.  My father has had a great 5 years of life without chemo or surgery and im not sure what worked but something did.


karen Author