TCC in situ, extensive. T3a, N2, M1

TCC in situ, extensive.
T3a, N2, M1

History: When my Mom, Mary, was diagnosed with TCC, she was 57 years old, in good health, had never smoked or suffered exposure to dyes or chemicals, but had an “over active” bladder with increasing incontinence since 1993.

Procedure: Radical Cystectomy with diversion to an ileal loop on 2/12/99. 8 day hospital stay.

Pathology: “poorly differentiated TCC of bladder, high grade, with lymphovascular invasion; invasive through bladder wall to cervix, uterus, and endometrium; extension to uterine and cervical serosa; right and left ovaries and left fallopian tube with metastatic TCC.”

Post-op complication: lymphocele, treated by antibiotics and interventional radiology. 10 day hospital stay.

Chemotherapy: MVAC, summer 1999.

All follow up testing: Negative!

Current Status: considers bladder cancer “a thing of the past.” Yahoo!

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