My Story

My what challenges life throws at us from time to time. Whilst I received a short interlude in my treatment for BC with another cystocope due in June another ailment befell me. As a result I recently underwent a spinal fusion and am now filled with all sorts of hardware to hold me together….lol. Whilst this was and still is a painful exercise at least it took my mind off the BC and my in remission colon CA for a while. Gotta stay focused and cheery, although that is hard coming into winter in Western Australia. On the bright side I am now retired and as soon as I can I will be tackling that long list of projects I have been saving up for the occasion. Gratefully I am still here and basically healthy, looking forward to some travel and the joy of playing with my 5 grandchildren in the years ahead.

Hope everyone is OK and keeping on top of their illness. 🙂

Fond regards to all of my BC friends

mildew Author