December 2011 Update

Had a further cystoscopy in September 2011 without hitch and did not reveal any recurrence ;D Due for further check in 1 year. Last December was my 3rd occurence of bladder cancer within 4 and the future is a worry, especially considering I have had bowel cancer previously and have an inherited gene that predisposes […]

December 2010 Update

Thanks Tony. Back at home and recovering slowly although a bit sore and tired. Op went well and just waiting for Uro to phone with pathology results. TCC was confined to ureter with no muscle invasion he told me in hospital. Need to go back in for removal of the stent in about 6 weeks. […]

24/11 Update

Saw mu Uro today and we discussed the need for him to remove my kidney. The tumor is at the bottom end of the ureter and he has decised we can do the ureter resection, bladder cuff and reimplantation without taking the kidney. The catalyst for this is that I am borderline diabetic and he […]

November 2010 Update

Well test and Uro confirms a TCC in the left ureter. Uro has recommended removal of ureter and left kidney to prevent further travel to this organ. As I was groggy when diagnosis was related to me I have arranged to see Uro in his rooms on 24 November. Operation is booked for 8 December. […]

October 2010 Update

March 2010 had another P & P and all clear with follow up in 18 months. October 2010 tests for other matters (CT and ultrasound) show possible TCC of left Ureter which is partially blocked and enlarged. To see uro next week for diagnosis and treatment plan.

November 2009 Update

Forgot to post back in March 2009 after my last cystoscopy was done. Even I could see there had been no recurrence and the bladder looked pink and healthy thankfully. Next p & p in March 2010 and will update then. health is generally good apart from a couple of colds this year. I also […]

December 2008 Update

All's been well this year with no further symptoms and next P & P due in March 2009. Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year.   On a sad not my FIL passed away in October after an acute reaction to chemo for his lung cancer:(  That's […]

My Story

Just dropped in for an update. Had another cystoscopy performed in February and all is well with no signs of recurrence. Next check 12 months. I trust everyone is making progress with their disease and is on the improve. Married my daughter off on Friday and what a proud father I am. On the downside […]

My Story

🙂 11 June 2007 UpdateWell another poke and peek and even I could see it looked great in there. Not a sign of any problems and the bladder was the best it had looked since this all started. This was tremendous news given I am recovering from a spinal fusion from 7 weeks ago. Next […]

My Story

My what challenges life throws at us from time to time. Whilst I received a short interlude in my treatment for BC with another cystocope due in June another ailment befell me. As a result I recently underwent a spinal fusion and am now filled with all sorts of hardware to hold me together….lol. Whilst […]